737NG Training Solution

Are you training next generation pilots using last generation methods?

Cardboard mockups, touch-screen trainers, and training devices that aren’t aircraft specific may save your company money, but pilots don’t find them as immersive as high-fidelity full-flight simulators.

Imagine bringing the immersive realism of a full-flight simulator cockpit into all phases of 737NG training … without worrying about high operating costs or training bottlenecks.

For years we’ve been creating highly realistic, award-winning simulations for pilot training. Now we’re developing a turnkey 737NG training solution to bridge the gap between procedural/familiarization tools and full-flight simulators.

Pilots and instructors will embrace it as their training tool of choice. Management will love the fact that it will pay for itself quickly.

The next generation 737 training solution is here. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

We’ve worked with industry leaders to ensure that our 737NG training solution has the fidelity, simplicity, and flexibility you need … for less.


You won’t find a more immersive training environment outside of a full-flight simulator or the aircraft. Our 737NG training solution doesn’t cut corners. Unlike the 2D touchscreen-based trainers that are rapidly becoming the industry norm, it features the same physical switches, knobs, and controls that pilots interact with in the airplane. Pilots can build muscle memory and minimize negative transfer as they train.

The 737NG simulation software includes:

  • Customizable differences for the 737-600, -700, -800, -900, BBJ, BBJ2, BBJ3, and new ER aircraft
  • CFM56-7B18, -7B20, -7B-22, -7B24, -7B26, and -7B27 engine simulations
  • Realistic aircraft performance characteristics
  • Comprehensive systems simulations
  • Realistic in-cockpit sounds and aural alerting
  • Support of ground operations including maintenance, ground power, external air, and push-back

The external visual simulation software features:

  • A robust simulation of the entire planet, with a whole earth WGS-84 model, accurate topography, and regionally and culturally appropriate textures
  • More than 24,900 airports
  • A modifiable real-time weather system
  • Continuous time of day, seasons, and a variety of lighting effects
  • Simple extensibility for even higher-fidelity scenery and other graphic elements


No steep learning curves. Getting an instructor or crew up to speed using our 737NG simulation requires less time and effort. The software is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to master.

An intuitive and customizable instructor/operator station (IOS) provides powerful tools for monitoring, instruction, and analysis. It features a touchscreen optimized interface, as well as an interactive moving map display. Instructors can easily interact with the simulation to control the environment, change the weather, reposition the aircraft, or trigger malfunctions … all in real time as the simulation is running.


Our 737NG training solution can be used for multiple phases of training. It can be integrated into any curriculum or type of training, including Multi Crew Cooperation courses (MCC), Crew Resource Management (CRM), and Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT).

Just like in the airplane, the main instrument and overhead panels are modular. Individual components can easily be removed for repair, replacement, or for use in maintenance training.

Our training solution can be located virtually anywhere. With its low cost and no need for extensive support personnel or maintenance, you can provide 737NG simulation capability to pilots at multiple bases and other facilities.

Custom solutions and services that will exceed your expectations. From company-specific avionics simulations to custom hardware setups and installation assistance … we’ll work with your pilot training or maintenance department to meet your specific requirements.

Choose from Silver, Gold, and Platinum support plans. With options ranging from remote support to on-site visits to your facility, we’ve got you covered. Optional standby hardware modules and computer systems are also available to minimize downtime. 

Our new 737NG training solution is poised to revolutionize the way 737NG pilots train and stay proficient … especially in today’s challenging economic environment.

But don’t take our word for it. Contact us today to learn more, and to arrange an in-person demo.