ASTi USA Teams with Airliner1 to Announce SERA


Airliner1 and ASTi USA have been working together for the launch of ASTi’s new solution SERA. SERA is now available for Level D simulators, Fixed Based Training Devices, and Airliner1’s new FMC trainers. SERA exposes trainees to a realistic ATC environment, and frees up instructors so they can focus on their core duties.

The product was launched today at FSEMC 2014 in Tulsa using an Airliner1 Fixed Based Training Device. The software is currently available for all devices using any Level D IOS or Airliner1’s IOS Solution.

The solution is available to test using Airliner1’s Fixed Based Training Devices at our offices in Atlanta USA and Glasgow Scotland. This ground breaking product provides a simulated environment for highly realistic ATC. We will have more information with a video demonstration soon.