FMC Instructor Training System

Imagine a 737NG FMC training tool that looks, feels, and functions exactly like the real thing … with scenarios and pages that YOU create

FMCWhen it comes to FMC training, there’s a noticeable gap between the constraints of CBTs and the lack of structure found in freeplay simulators.

We’ve filled it.

The Airliner1 FMC Instructor training system provides students, pilots, and maintenance personnel an innovative new tool for learning flight management computer (FMC) systems and maintaining proficiency.

Instructors can design lessons that feature any control display unit (CDU) pages they want, specify the content on those pages, and specify the user actions required to continue (via single or multiple paths).

The FMC Instructor System is designed to be used with the Airliner1 737NG series hardware CDU.


Take control of your students’ FMC training:

  • Each CDU page is completely customizable, so the CDU can appear to be connected to the aircraft.
  • The CDU page editor works like a typical text editor. Each line is independent, and can feature a different font size and color.
  • Annunciation lights (EXEC, OFST, etc.) can be toggled on or off, and their states saved with pages.
  • Three optional scripting modes make it easy for the CDU to simulate advanced functionality realistically, and run animations. Scripting is not required, but you would likely utilize it as you build more advanced lessons.
  • Scripting is a breeze with the integrated script command builder. There is no need to learn scripting languages.
  • An integrated document editor makes it easy to include documentation in lessons. Documents can follow along with the progress of a lesson.
  • The system has an embedded PC and touchscreen.
  • Use the included voice recorder and sound tools to apply cockpit sounds, or voice overlays for guided instruction during a lesson.
  • All lesson data (including CDU page content, documentation, rules, and scripts) is stored in a single database file, so there’s no need to keep track of multiple files.

Don’t rely on outdated CBTs or freeplay simulations. Harness the power of an integrated approach to 737NG FMC training … with the new Airliner1 FMC Instructor Training System.

FMC Instructor

You can see a complete overview of our FMC Instructor Training System in action in the following video…

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